Recent Publications

Systematic mapping of contact sites reveals tethers and a function for the peroxisome-mitochondria contact

Shai N, Yifrach E, van Roermund CWT, Cohen N, Bibi C, IJlst L, Cavellini L, Meurisse J, Schuster R, Zada L, Mari MC, Reggiori FM, Hughes AL, Escobar-Henriques M, Cohen MM, Waterham HR, Wanders RJA, Schuldiner M, and Zalckvar E. (2018).

Nature Commun 9, 1761.

Selective sorting and destruction of mitochondrial membrane proteins in aged yeast

Hughes AL*, Hughes CE, Henderson KA, Yazvenko N, and Gottschling DE*. (2016)

Elife 5 pii: e13943. *Co-corresponding authors

Mother-daughter asymmetry of pH underlies aging and rejuvenation in yeast

Henderson KA, Hughes AL, and Gottschling DE. (2014)

Elife 3 pii: e03504.

An early age increase in vacuolar pH limits mitochondrial function and lifespan in yeast

Hughes AL and Gottschling DE. (2012)

Nature 492, 261-265.


Advancing the aging biology toolkit

Coody TK and Hughes AL. (2018)

Elife 7, pii: e42976.

The crucial impact of lysosomes in aging and longevity

Carmona-Gutierrez D, Hughes AL, Madeo F, and Ruckenstuhl C. (2016)

Aging Research Reviews 32, 2-12.

The power of yeast applied to the powerhouse of the cell

Rutter J and Hughes AL. (2015).

Trends in Endo and Metab 26, 59-68.

Adam’s Ph.D. Publications

Insig regulates HMG-CoA Reductase by controlling enzyme phosphorylation in fission yeast

Burg JS, Powell DW, Chai R, Hughes AL, Link AJ, and Espenshade PJ. (2008)

Cell Metabolism 8, 522-531.


Identification of 23 mutations in fission yeast Scap that constitutively activate SREBP: A comparative analysis with hamster Scap

Hughes AL, Stewart EV, and Espenshade PJ. (2008)

J of Lipid Research 49, 2001-2012.


Regulation of sterol synthesis in eukaryotes

Espenshade PJ and Hughes AL. (2007)

Annu Rev Genetics 41, 401-427.


4-Methyl sterols regulate fission yeast SREBP-Scap under low oxygen and cell stress

Hughes AL, Lee CS, Bien CM, and Espenshade PJ. (2007)

J Biol Chem 282, 24388-24396.


Cobalt chloride, a hypoxia-mimicking agent, targets sterol synthesis in the pathogenic fungus

Lee H, Bien CM, Hughes AL, Espenshade PJ, Kwon-Chung KJ, and Chang YC. (2007)

Cryptococcus neoformans. Molecular Microbiology 65, 1018-1033.

Dap1/PGRMC1 binds and regulates cytochrome P450 enzymes

Hughes AL, Powell DW, Bard M, Eckstein J, Barbuch R, Link AJ, and Espenshade PJ. (2007)

Cell Metabolism 5, 143-149.


Sterol regulatory element binding protein is a principal regulator of anaerobic gene expression in fission yeast

Todd BL, Stewart EV, Burg JS, Hughes AL, and Espenshade PJ. (2006)

Mol Cell Biol 26, 2817-31.

SREBP pathway responds to sterols and functions as an oxygen sensor in fission yeast

Hughes AL, Todd BL, and Espenshade PJ. (2005)

Cell 120, 831-42.

S-phase checkpoint genes safeguard high-fidelity sister chromatid cohesion

Warren CD, Eckley DM, Lee MS, Hanna JS, Hughes A, Peyser B, Jie C, Irizarry R, and Spencer FA. (2004)

Mol Biol Cell 15, 1724-35.